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FDA CAR-T cell therapy warning: Are T cells malignant?

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CAR-NK: Can natural killer cell therapy pick up from where CAR-T left off?

Innovent and IASO Bio obtain approval for CAR-T multiple myeloma treatment 


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Cartherics to work on CAR-T cell therapy for ovarian cancer

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Streamlining CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing: a platform approach

New biomarker for early prediction of response to CAR-T cell therapy

First CAR-T technology trial for patients with T-cell leukemia subtype authorized

Collaboration to develop CAR-T cell therapy for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Bioheng Biotech has positive CAR-T cell therapy results published in academic journal

World’s first CAR-T for treatment of inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system approved in China

Regen BioPharma develops new approach for boosting CAR-T cell efficiency to treat solid tumors