2011-2015: What a Fantastic 5 Years for European Biotech

26/01/2016 - 5 minutes

The crisis of 2008 hit the Biotech sector hard, and  it wasn’t clear how the Biotech industry would get back on track. But now, end of 2015, we can definitely say the Biotech industry did extremely well and probably better than most of the analysts would have predicted…

So what were the major news stories in Biotech over these last 5 years? Here’s a recap! I tried to make it as relevant as possible but of course, it is not meant to be comprehensive.

Genzyme was acquired by Sanofi for $20Bn, which is one of the biggest Biotech deals in history. As a Biotech CEO told me, Genzyme was an ‘anomaly’ within the industry because it’s considered too successful and too big. This deal is also symbolic of the Pharma ‘shift’ into Biotech, Sanofi now being one of the most advanced examples, along with Roche.

Actelion, Europe’s largest and most successful Biotech company, managed to grow to include 2500 employees under their base.

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