2014, the Biggest Year Ever for European Biotech IPOs

06/02/2015 - 3 minutes

There is no need to say it: biotechnology is the latest trend. A worldwide bio-boom has shaken stock markets throughout 2014. For European start-ups, last year represented a remarkable step forward as 15 companies went public and raised €719.8M in total, as Biocom’s last report states. Let me present you a review summering the major breakthroughs in the Old World.

Since the biotech boom started back in the 80’s, investment for European biotech companies had never been so significant. The European market remained unwelcoming for life science start-ups, but this pattern has changed in 2014 with the launch of 15 biotech IPOs (Initial Public Offering) on European markets. As Biocom’s last report states, a total of €719,8M went from public investors’ accounts to the pocket of European biotech companies, more than twice as much as was generated in the previous 5 years (€303M, from 2009 to 2013).


Today, London is the leading, with 33 companies listed. The UK is also the proud homeland of Circassia,

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