3 EU Biotechs which Over-performed in 2015

30/12/2015 - 2 minutes

2015 was a crazy year for the Biotech industry, probably the craziest since the birth of the industry 40 years ago. I looked back on this year and here’s my personal top 3 of EU Biotechs which over-performed. I sorted them out in top partnerships, clinical trials and fundraising.

(Of course, this lists is not exhaustive and is not aimed to be so)


Top Partnerships – M&A deals

Galapagos + Gilead – Abbvie

Galapagos is a billion-euro Biotech from Belgium which had a big partnership with Abbvie. The american Biotech decided not to exercise its options, leaving Galapagos no other choice than finding a new partner. And just before the end of year, Galapagos announced it signed a €2Bn deal with Gilead, the extremely successful Californian Biotech. That’s massive!

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Bonus video: Exclusive Interview of Galapagos’ SVP Business Development


Top Clinical Trials Results

Cellectis’ Miracle Saving of a 11-month Baby Girl

CAR-T was the big deal of 2015.

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