The 3 Worst Biotech Scandals of 2015!

29/12/2015 - 3 minutes

2015 was tarnished by scandals that will certainly stay in minds for a long time (just need to mention the FIFA and Volkswagen to give you an idea). The Biotech world has not been spared by scandals and here is a quick overview of the worst of this year! I’m intentionally keeping it short but several sources will be mentioned so you can go deeper into the details if you feel like it.

Take care, this post is not for the faint of heart!

N°3: Theranos’ fake blood-tests

Before the scandal, Theranos was viewed as one of the most innovative and promising Biotech start-up of the Silicon Valley. With a technology to make efficient diagnostic with only one drop of blood and a charismatic CEO (Elizabeth Holmes), often refered as a female equivalent of Steve Jobs, the company was on a good way to revolutionize the healthacre field.

But on October 16, the Wall Street Journal published a story about the company that said it didn’t deserve the glory.

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