6 Things the Digital Revolution already Disrupted in the Biotech Industry

29/06/2015 - 6 minutes

2 weeks ago, I was at NOAH15 in Berlin, one of the biggest European events on Digital, gathering key opinion leaders such as Eric Schmidt from Google or Ariana Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post.

They all talked about the impact of the recent digital wave, internet and the post-pc area in different industries. Biotech wasn’t represented – as, e-health doesn’t quite encompass my definition of Biotech – and by listening to the speakers, I asked myself, what has the digital wave disrupted in the Biotech industry? Listed below are the 6 things that changed in the Biotech field over the last quarter-century.

1. Big data is a reality


In 2015, you can access so much data:

  • All the sequenced genes are available on NCBI,
  • All the proteins on UniProt,
  • A lot of patient information is available, take a look at the British NHS
  • Deals and companies in the Biotech space are gaining in visibility thanks to Biocentury,

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