64 million infected: A brief overview of ReViral and its RSV vaccine competition

14/09/2015 - 3 minutes

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) affects millions annually, therefore attracting many large biotechs to research a vaccine. ReViral (London, UK) has secured €18.5M series A investment into its pre-clinical pipeline. VC investors Edmond de Rothschild, OrbiMed and Brace Pharma Capital back this award winning antiviral program, despite an array of competitors.

ReViral have got the go ahead for their lead anti-viral candidate RV521 to treat the common respiratory pathogen, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV infects up to 64 million annually, most of which are infants within their first year, the elderly and the immuno-compromised. As a member of the Pneumovirinae subfamily, RSV often leads to hospitalization (in 2-3% of infants under 5 in the US), contributing to risk of developing asthma in later childhood, exacerbating COPD and even causing fatal pneumonia.

Given its high incidence and global ubiquity, it is not surprising that an RSV vaccine has been priority of several major biotechs, including AstraZeneca’s MedImmune subsidiary, Germany based CureVac and US-Swedish NovaVax.

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