7 European Institutions in the Largest Cancer Bioinformatics Collaboration

01/12/2016 - 2 minutes

Europe’s best companies using bioinformatics to tackle cancer will take part in a huge collaboration aimed at developing personalized cancer vaccines.

Three biotech companies and four research institutions from Europe are taking part in the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance (TESLA). This is one of the biggest oncology collaborations ever, consisting of 30 organizations and led by the Cancer Research Institute in New York and the Parker Institute in San Francisco, founded by the Napster co-founder and Facebook ex-president billionaire Sean Parker. The aim is to bring together “the world’s best neoantigen research organizations to accelerate the discovery of personalized cancer immunotherapies“.

Neoantigens are tumoral surface markers that are absent in healthy cells, and therefore are an attractive target for oncology therapies. In this collaboration, the researchers will use bioinformatics to compare genetic sequences of healthy and cancerous tissues and develop algorithms to predict neoantigens present on tumor cells and recognizable by the immune system.

cancer bioinformatics worldwide collaboration

Among the world’s best organizations taking part in the project,

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