7 Trendy European Biotechs Listed on the NASDAQ in 2016

23/02/2016 - 6 minutes

Here are 7 European Biotechs listed on the NASDAQ we thought were worth mentioning in more depth; location, market cap and brief financial and R&D backgrounds.

nasdaq_finance_biotech_2016NASDAQ is the second-largest Stock exchange in the world, based in New York, and the largest for high-tech companies.

It seems to be the real test for a European biotech to make it big these days is its transition to the other side of the Atlantic, where big financial biotech ecosystems exist in the Bay Area of SF (see our documentary) and the Boston area in Massachusetts.

Here, the truly elite in the industry come together and collaborate (such as at the JP Morgan phenomenon), with big money for development.

So in no particular order (or ranking) here are the 7 that caught my attention …


Location: Paris (France)
Market Cap: €1.16Bn

Peanuts Allergies in Children can be life-threatening, with next to no safe treatment options available. Now DBV Technologies in Paris has a phase III epicutaneous patch which desensitizes the patient to peanuts,

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