A 100% Successful Ebola Vaccine Available in a Record Time

04/08/2015 - 3 minutes

It’s a really good news in the fight against Ebola. A vaccine has shown 100% success to prevent the disease during the outbreak in Guinea! The vaccine, which has been tested in a record time, can be the key to end the west African epidemics. 

In an interim analysis published by The Lancet, the new vaccine has shown a 100% success to prevent the infection by the virus. The Phase III has been set up during the outbreak in west Africa to speed up the development of the drug.

The vaccine called rVSV-ZEBOV has been tried in 7,651 people at risk for infection, living in Guinea. The investigator have divided the population in two groups, one receiving the vaccine immediately after exposure to Ebola and one which receives it after a 21 days delay. The interim results were unquestionable, the immediate groups reports zero infections when 16 cases of Ebola has been reported in the second group. The result is statistically significant to tell that the vaccine may be 100% successful to prevent Ebola!

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