A €1.3M Start-Up is Engineering Baker’s Yeast to Make Green House Gases Useful

26/11/2015 - 3 minutes

Culturing yeast cells to absorb CO2 could be the Green way forward for this new French Start-up. As a spin off Toulouse White Biotechnologies (TWB) project, the seed investor in its €1.3M Green Seed Fund is the lead French VC Sofinnova.

twb-enobraq-demiddeleer-yeastTWB, a pre-industrial demonstrator in the field of industrial biotechnology managed by INRA (the Agricultural department in France), has announced the creation of EnobraQ just this month. This start-up spin-off from TWB is developing yeast cultures capable of transforming CO2 (atmospheric or of other origins) as a green house gas into molecules of interest for the chemical industry.

EnobraQ is also being described as the ‘CarboYeast Project’, which eventually spun into a financed Biotech having previously been supported for the last 3 years by the Laboratory of Engineering for Biological Systems and Processes at the National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) Toulouse.


As we’ve seen before, yeast has long been exploited by humans to produce a range of products,

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