Ablynx gets tangled up in partnerships with Big Pharma companies

15/05/2015 - 3 minutes

The Belgium-based company is leading more than 20 pre-clinical and clinical programmes with several partners to put the Nanobody technology on the market. Companies such as AbbVie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eddingpharm, Merck & Co, Merck Serono and Novartis are part of Ablynx’s dream team.

Ablynx is a biotech company developing Nanobodies. Nanobody technology was originally developed after discovering that Camelidae (like camels and llamas) possess fully functional antibodies that only consist of heavy chains and, therefore, lack in light chains. These heavy-chain antibodies contain a single variable domain and two constant domains. The single variable domains have full antigen binding capacity (like our own antibodies) and are very stable, forming the basis of a new generation of therapeutic molecules which Ablynx has named “Nanobodies”.

Ablynx’s flagship, its wholly-owned product caplacizumab expects to go through a Phase III by mid-2015 and hopes to be approved by the EU in 2017. Ablynx’ technology has also attracted a lot of Big Pharma companies as its impressive portfolio shows:

Ablynx portfolio

Amongst them,

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