New UK Hero Will Fight Against Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

06/10/2016 - 2 minutes

Achilles Therapeutics was born yesterday in the UK with a €15M funding round. The company will focus on the development of personalized neo-antigentherapies for non-small lung cancer.

The newborn Achilles Therapeutics made its debut yesterday with a splashy fundraising round and a licensing agreement. The startup has exclusive rights to develop and commercialize any neo-antigen technology that arises from the €16M non-small cell lung cancer TRACERx study. The trial is under the supervision of Cancer Research UK and tracks the state of 850 patients and their response to treatments.

The company has set itself on solid ground. Its founders are 4 oncology research leaders from UCL and the Crick Institute, and it is supported financially by Syncona, Cancer Research Technology (CRT) Pioneer Fund and the UCL Technology Fund. CRT will receive milestones and royalties from any developed and commercialized products. The funds will be shared with UCL and the Crick Institute to boost their research.

This new start-up aims to design and develop therapies against truncal tumor neo-antigens. These are surface molecules that can be found on all cancer cells but not on healthy ones and are specific for each patient. 

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