Leading TCR Immuno-oncology Biotech shows Promising Results against Cancer

09/11/2015 - 2 minutes

Cell-based Immune-oncology therapies continue to deliver amazing results. After Cellectis wondersaving from last week, Oxford’s Adaptimmune has some surprisingly good results too.

adaptimmune-logoAdaptimmune is a British, Oxford-based immuno-oncolgy company. It held a massive IPO last year, raising up to  €150M on the NASDAQ, and its CEO was interviewed by BIO (video here) where he seemed very confident about the future of its TCR technology. This technology, close to CAR-T, strengthens the patients own T-cell response to target and destroy cancer cells (a more in-depth explanation of these different cancer treatments can be found in our Oncology review).

He can be confident so far by looking at the trial results recently released in New York.

Adaptimmune’s lead program is investigating NY-ESO-1 for synovial sarcoma, the study for which included 12 patients, all in a late-stage of cancer. All the patients had either synovial sarcoma which was metastatic or inoperable relapse and failed to respond to chemotherapy.

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