Adaptimmune’s TCR Therapy Proves its Superiority over its Immuno-oncology Competitors

22/07/2015 - 3 minutes

Adaptimmune Therapeutics, an oxford-based company focusing on the use of T-cell therapies to treat cancer, announced today that data from its Phase I/II study in patients with multiple myeloma has been published in Nature Medicine. This is the first report on TCR engineered T-cell therapy that shows durable persistence in patients!

After its successful intoduction on the US stock exchange NASDAQ, where it grabed a huge €156.7M, Adaptimmune is now proving the superiority of its technology in a scientific paper.

The publication describes the results of a Phase I/II trial to evaluate the safety and activity of engineered T-cells expressing an affinity-enhanced T-cell receptor (TCR) targeting the NY-ESO cancer antigen. All enrolled patients had symptomatic myeloma, a terrible form of cancer with a low survival rate.

Encouraging clinical responses were observed in 16 patients having participated to the study. Out the 20 patients, 14 had a complete or a near complete response, and another two had a very good partial response  three months after the treatment still.

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