After its drop earlier this year, Genticel goes back up the slope

17/06/2016 - 3 minutes

Genticel has announced that not one but two milestones have been achieved in the development of its products,  which focus on immunotherapies for cancers caused by the human papillomavirus.

genticel_roche_gtl001_gtl002_hpv_cancerGenticel is developing  GTL001 (named ProCervix in Europe) to answer an unmet medical need – the eradication of the virus HPV 16 or 18 (high-risk types that can cause cancer) for an infected body.

So far, the vaccines available for this disease are preventive vaccines, not for treating a carrier. The company estimates that over 93 million women are currently infected by those two strains!

The first milestone achieved by Genticel is that the company will be able to use the Roche Molecular Systems’ Cobas 4800 test. This worldwide-available test could be used for the recruitment and post-treatment analysis of patients in the planned Phase III program of GTL001. The test efficiency was confirmed on samples from Phase II. Results were equivalent to those generated by a clinical laboratory test.

This is also an achievement for Roche,

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