Celebrating the 10th Birthday of this German Infectious Disease Biotech with the CEO

15/02/2016 - 4 minutes

AiCuris is a Biotech company based on the Bayer Life Sciences park in Wuppertal (Germany). It is working on new anti-infective drugs and is a former spin-off of Germany’s biggest Pharma Company. It’s celebrating its 10th birthday this year, which is good reason to interview the CEO…

AiCuris_antiviral_germany_interviewSo AiCuris is working on anti-infective drugs for viral infection. It has 6 different programs in clinical development at the moment, including a Phase III preventative against the Human cytomegalovirus. AiCuris partnered on this specific program with Merck in a €442.5M deal, Germany’s largest of 2013 (!).

The company is also backed by the Strüngmann brothers (Andreas and Thomas), two German billionaires who sold their Pharma company and now invest in several Biotech companies. This gives AiCuris enough financing to move forward with their 50 employees.

Holger Zimmerman is the CEO and former CSO of the company. He previously worked at Bayer and was part of the spin-out of AiCuris together with 21 of his colleagues. 

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