Aquanos Algae: Israeli Start-up fixes the Global Sustainability issue in Recycling Sewage Water

22/10/2015 - 4 minutes

Aquanos has the solution to expensive and energy intensive waste-water treatment. Having revamped the pre-existing Microalgae technique for sewage remediation to be far more efficient, the Gemini project also generates biomass products and is being trialed on a Northern Israeli kibbutz, with negotiable projections for use in the developing world. 

static1.squarespace.comMan, we cannot get enough of Algae here at Labiotech. From aviation fuel, to food supplements and fashion, yet again the versatility of Microalgae is proven invaluable to the Biotech industry. One giant global challenge algae can also answer to is the maintenance of access to clean water, a problem particularly faced by the US, China, Dubai and most developing countries.

Infrastructural solutions to sewage include current waste-water management (using algae to oxygenate bacterial bioreators to break-down the organic matter) and desalination, both of which are costly and energetically unsustainable (estimated to take up to 5% of the US electricity demand).

Aquanos’ system really does provide the efficiency solution,

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