Alizé Pharma Acquires Exclusive Worldwide Rights on a New Peptide to Tackle Bone Diseases

06/12/2014 - 2 minutes

Alizé Pharma III SAS, an Alizé Pharma group company specialized in the development of biopharmaceuticals to treat metabolic disorders and rare diseases has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize a new family of peptides with bone anabolic properties.

The peptides are derived from a fragment of a physiological protein, called IGFBP-2 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-2). In vitro and in vivo studies showed the peptides’ ability to induce bone formation by stimulating osteoblast differentiation and inhibiting osteoclast differentiation.

This new and unique mechanism of action supports the development of a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of osteoporosis and several rare diseases that are associated with impaired bone metabolism. Alizé Pharma III SAS is a new company, created for this project. It was set up to select a drug candidate based on a lead optimization program and advance it to the clinical stage.

New Paradigm Therapeutics (NPT) has granted an exclusive sublicense to Alizé Pharma III SAS. Both companies will now collaborate on the development of a new therapy targeting bone diseases.

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