Allergan Continues its Serial Acquisitions to be a Giant Drugmaker

28/07/2015 - 3 minutes

With Allergan’s absorption by Actavis last year, we ask ourselves, will the newly formed company enter the World’s Top Ten drugmaker companies worldwide? And it has been very active indeed, expanding its portfolio with several acquisitions. Allergan’s buyout fever is not finished as the company just announced the acquisition of Naurex!

It was in mars 2015, when Actavis completed the acquisition of Allergan. Just two months before, Actavis had gobbled Auden McKenzie for £306M (€429M) in cash. The transaction made Actavis the number one supplier of generic pharmaceuticals in the UK. The first quarter of the year ended for the giant with an increased revenue of 59% to $4.23Bn (€3.81Bn).

To ensure that the corporate identity reflects Actavis transformation into “a leader in Growth Pharma”, as its CEO Brent Saunders stated, Actavis took over the name of its absorbed company and became Allergan.

The company holds a leading position in cosmetics, thanks to its neurotoxin botox. In June, it consolidated its position in two different ways.

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