Allergist Circassia grabs a couple of Asthma-Specialist companies

18/05/2015 - 2 minutes

The allergy specialist Circassia will acquire two asthma-expert companies: Aerocrine and Prosonix. The British company, which performed the biggest of the fifteen European biotech IPOs in 2014, intends to become a self-sustaining biopharma by focusing on allergies and asthma. The purchases will optimize the launch of CAT-Spire, which represents Circassia’s first drug of a new class of allergy treatments.

Circassia will disburse a total amount of €190.2 M (SEK 1.78 billion) to acquire Swedish Aerocrine and up to €138.1 M (£100 M) for British Prosonix, whose portfolio complements Circassia’s pipeline. Prosonix’s near-term products targeting asthma and other respiratory diseases will benefit from Aerocrine’s established commercial network.

Circassia will also use Aerocrine’s commercial infrastructure to launch CAT-Spire, its most advanced new class of allergy treatments. The drug was developed using Circassia’s ToleroMune technology and is currently undergoing the final phase of clinical testing.

ToleroMune technology, a unique approach to developing allergy immunotherapy treatments, was initially developed at the Imperial College London by Professors Mark Larché and Barry Kay,

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