Young Immuno-Oncology Biotechs attract Funding to Cure Metastasis

16/12/2016 - 3 minutes

Amcure and TILT Biotherapeutics announced yesterday new financing rounds supporting the development of unique strategies to cure cancer metastasis.

Amcure, in Germany, is fighting highly metastatic forms of cancer by targeting angiogenesis. The company just closed a Series B round with a total of €6M from already existing investors. With the funds, Amcure plans to accelerate the development of AMC303, the first 3-in-1 treatment for advanced metastatic epithelial cancers such as pancreatic, head and neck, colorectal and lung cancer.

AMC303, which started Phase I/Ib trials recently, is a peptide drug candidate that can block three oncological pathways. Although peptides tend to be unpopular because they usually are less specific than antibodies, their small size also facilitates manufacturing and administration. If AMC303 proves effective in clinical trials, it could revolutionize the treatment of metastases, which are currently a death sentence for most cancer patients.


TILT Biotherapeutics, in Finland, uses oncolytic viruses to enhance immuno-oncology strategies. The biotech just announced an extra €4M round that brings its total funding to almost €10M.

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