An Imperial College Based Start-Up Has Raised €27M in Series A for a Blood Cancer Drug

02/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Kesios is a start-up Biotech based in London (UK) which has raised over €27M in a Series A funding round for its pipeline targeting the fight against multiple myeloma.

A syndicate of UK investors has jumped at the chance to fund this cancer-fighting biotech, whose nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB)signal pathway targeting pipeline has promise in the fight against multiple myeloma. NF-κB signaling, via a novel drug target, has been implicated in the cell life cycle (and programmed cell death), inhibition of which can lead to the rise of immortality in cells (a hallmark of cancer).

Multiple myeloma is a hematological cancer that arises from proliferation of malignant plasma cells which accumulate in the bone marrow. It is a disease believed to account for ~10% of hematological cancers and about 2% of all cancer deaths…so understandably it is a desirable indication for biopharma to research, and likewise, for venture capitalists to support.

Investors include the Imperial College London venture capitalist spin-off, Imperial Innovations

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