An Inside Look: Zurich Life Science Day 2015

09/03/2015 - 7 minutes


Over 600 people from all stretches of the globe gathered on February 12 for the Zurich Life Science Day at the University of Zurich. My first impression walking there was that the campus (both the Irchel campus it was held at and main campus I mistakenly went to first) were beautiful. I had low expectations having only seen EPFL (sorry but being honest here), but really enjoyed the campuses in Zurich. Now to the main event.


The day started at 9:00 with the keynote lecture, “Beyond the Science—progress and challenges with the deployment of Golden Rice,” by Professor Ingo Potrykus, Professor Emeritus of Plant Sciences at the Institute of Plant Sciences at ETH Zurich and creator of Golden Rice. What started out as a rather dry plant science lecture became, within minutes, a riveting story of Golden Rice. First, he explained the challenges and how after the first invent of the product, they continued to simplify the process into just a couple of steps from nearly a dozen initially.

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