Anti-ageing DIY Gene Therapy may have worked – to an extent…

25/04/2016 - 3 minutes

The weird tale of BioViva‘s CEO receiving non-approved gene therapy to fight ageing has developed further – now with ‘successful results’, which have been verified by two EU research NGOs. There may be something to it after all?

bioviva_ageing_gene_therapy_telomerase_biogerentologyStopping ageing has always been a dream of mankind – and one that is slowly beginning to be in the grasp of Biotech.

One of the mechanisms of ageing that is most tackled by research is telomere shortening. Telomeres are caps that protect chromosomes, but get shorter as cells divide – so their length is a sort of ‘expiry date’ on cells.

This line of research is still far from studies in humans. Or it was, before 44-year-old Elizabeth Parrish went out to somewhere in South America in September, to receive a sort of DIY gene therapy (you can read more about the procedure at MIT Tech Review).

As the CEO of anti-ageing biotech BioViva (US),

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