Apitope relocates to Wales after €12M series B financing round

30/09/2015 - 2 minutes

Now, as we’ve recently discussed here at Labiotech, there doesn’t appear to be many Welsh biotechs…however, this is all about to change, with major Autoimmune disease focused Apitope relocating it’s HQ to Wales. This is following a €12M series B fundraiser led by the Wales Lifesciences Fund for its monoclonal antibody pipeline.

apitope-footer-logoAptiope are currently based in Bristol (England) with a Belgian International outreach centre. Having developed their own Autoimmune based T-cell platform, they have a pipeline of 4 focal areas to include Multiple sclerosis (MS), Grave’s Disease, Hemophilia type A and Uveitis. Current stakeholders include the Wellcome Trust, the American MS charity (Fast Forward), Wales Lifesciences Fund and Belgian based LRM.Picture8Apitopes are small soluble peptides derived from the human code (Antigen Processing Independent epiTOPES), able to selectively suppress highly specific portions of the immune response without affecting its function overall. This means the underlying cause of autoimmune diseases can be addressed without patients becoming vulnerable to attack.

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