When the Llama met the Lion: Antibodies Unlock Milestone Payment for Skin Disease

03/02/2016 - 2 minutes

ArGEN-X in Ghent (Belgium) combines the diversity of the llama immune system with a clinical antibody pipeline which Leo Pharma (Denmark), is developing to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

argen-x_leo_pharma_skin_inflammatory_milestoneThese llama mAb platforms allow arGEN-X to unlock novel and complex targets and develop antibody-based drugs designed for longer duration of effect and greater efficacy. This is a similar approach to which Ablynx (another Belgian biotech) approaches antibody engineering, well known for its Alpaca (Llama relative) mAbs.

Leo Pharma, headquartered in Copenhagen, has a broad range of Dermatology therapeutic areas, from Psoriasis to skin cancer and deep vein thrombosis.

The two initially allied to develop a lead cell line for manufacture of arGEN-X’s SIMPLE Antibodies to treat the chronic inflammation which underlies many skin conditions.

An example of the SIMPLE Antibody range includes arGEN-X’s candidate ARGX-110, which depletes the small subset of CD70 positive B- and T-cells,

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