AstraZeneca partners up with Genomics Elite for new Biobank

25/04/2016 - 3 minutes

AstraZeneca has announced it will create a new Centre for Genomics Research in Cambridge (UK) – joining the Wellcome Sanger, a Craig Venter Biotech and a Finnish specialist Institute to do so.

astrazeneca_centre_genomics_research_cambridge_biobankAstraZeneca is betting on genomics to transform drug discovery and support its R&D pipeline.

The idea is to create a ‘biobank‘ with genome analysis, integrated with data from clinical trials – such as response to particular drugs and other clinical data.

Using this genomic data will deliver more insights into the biology of diseases and identify novel medicine targets, AstraZeneca believes.

It will also help support the selection of patients for clinical trials, by matching patients with treatments more likely to be effective.

In order to achieve this, AstraZeneca is creating an in-house Centre for Genomics Research,  located in the company’s headquarters in Cambridge – near major academic research in the genomics field.

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The resulting database will have the 500,000 genome sequences and clinical data donated by patients in its clinical trials over the past 15 years,

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