[Update] AstraZeneca to buy a CAR-T expert?

04/06/2015 - 3 minutes

[Update] Bloomberg announced that they make wrong conclusions from their discussion with AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot. The CEO was not talking about the specific acquisition of Juno Therapeutics but about a potential acquisition of a CAR-T expert. Juno’s shares rose as much as 15.8 % just after the rumor was released by Bloomerg.

Here is the first version of our article which stays untouched:

The immuno-oncology race is a never-ending source of news. One particular event hit the tabloids yesterday when Bloomberg reported that AstraZeneca might be considering buying a CAR-T expert biotech to strengthen its immunotherapy pipeline. Rumors say, the UK company is thinking big and has set its eyes on Juno Therapeutics, the rising star of the American biotech horizon.

The two companies are already collaborating to combine Juno’s groundbreaking CAR-T technology with MEDI4736, AstraZeneca’s immunotherapy in development for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The London-based company has been, in fact, inking several deals in this field lately.

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