Bavarian Facility can now grow Global Strains of Algae for Aerospace Biofuel Production

16/10/2015 - 3 minutes

The Technology University of Munich (TU München) has built a unique global-climate simulating Algal plant on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn (Bavaria). Able to cultivate algal strains from all over the world, the research team hopes this will allow them to study and discover new types to be exploited by Biotechs for biofuel production, which is of high interest to Aviation companies such as Airbus, alongside other renewable energy-focused industries in Germany.

Using €10M euros (in a joint-collaboration with Airbus & the Bavarian local government) TU München built a 1500 square metre Algae facility on their Ottobrunn campus. This facility was complete with lab and LED-climate control system, able to simulate growth conditions from all over the world.

TU München and Airbus are particularly interested in the production of bio-kerosene from Algae grown in salt-water closed loop systems. Biofuels made through cultivation of Algal strains can have as much as 10-times the production yield compared to traditional corn crops,

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