Alzheimer’s closer to a Vaccine with new Slovakian Phase II Trial

23/06/2016 - 2 minutes

Axon Neuroscience is starting a Phase II trial with its immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease, which redirects the immune system against defective Tau proteins, thought to be the main cause of this major disease.

axon_neuroscience_phaseII_alzheimer_immunotherapyAlzheimer’s disease is the cause of up to 70% of dementia cases, according to WHO, which translates in over 30 million patients worldwide. As the world population ages, Alzheimer’s is quickly becoming a major global health concern.

While there’s still a lot of research going on to understand the exact root causes of Alzheimer’s, defective Tau proteins seem to be a definite hallmark of this and other neurodegenerative diseases (tauopathies).

One of the biotechs targeting Tau proteins is Axon Neuroscience (Slovakia), which already has a successful Phase I trial under its belt.

Now, Axon Neuroscience is taking its AADvac1 vaccine to Phase II trials. The 2-year trial will take place in Europe, enrolling 185 patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease.

Besides confirming the vaccine’s good safety profile,

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