AYOXXA and Grünenthal collaborate on inflammation markers

24/06/2015 - 2 minutes

AYOXXA Biosystems and Grünenthal have completed their first research collaboration to validate detection limits for a biomarker based on AYOXXA’s platform. The outcomes of this collaboration can be applied in several fields that include biological samples with very low initial volume, previously inaccessible by other immunoassays.

The focus of the joint study consisted in analyzing an inflammation marker at very low concentrations released from human cells following treatment in cell culture experiments. This new approach aims to develop improved methods for clinical biomarker detection in order to accelerate the development of new drugs for pain and inflammation treatment. During the collaboration, Grünenthal provided the samples whilst AYOXXA performed the immunoassays to simultaneously detect multiple targets down to minuscule concentrations.

AYOXXA is completely convinced of the key role of proteomics in personalized medicine. To help replace the more and more outdated “one drug fits all” model with a more tailored approach, the German company offers its multiplexed protein analysis platform. Protein multiplex analysis for highly valuable samples will open new strategies to improve clinical diagnostic and treatment development optimized for individual patients’ needs.

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