Baden-Württemberg Healthcare Industry Forum 2014, discover one of the largest cluster in Germany

08/10/2014 - 6 minutes

Last September 24th  was held the Baden-Württemberg Healthcare Industry Forum 2014, organized by BIOPRO the biotech cluster of this German region. It was an opportunity to review the bilan of the cluster and to learn interesting facts.

BIOPRO has listed 159 biotech companies in the Baden-Württemberg area, representing a workforce of more than 22,000 employees and a turnover of almost 4 billion euros. Like in a lot of clusters around the world, the majority of these companies (93%) are working in the red (medical) biotechnologies and 80% of them employ less than 50 people. Concerning the bigger companies with more than 250 people, they generate around 86% of the 4 billion revenues previously mentioned. The biotech sector is still a very young industry but Baden-Württemberg has other ressources to support its development: 635 companies developing medical devices and 131 pharmaceutical companies which make Baden-Württemberg the leading region of Germany in these two industries.

For Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO, “The biotech sector is a priority of the region”

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