The NeoFood Project: A Basque Coastal Hunt for Algae which produce Essential Fatty Acids

29/10/2015 - 2 minutes

The Neofood project from the Basque Country (Spain) is searching for novel Oceanic strains of algae in salt-marshes around the coast, specifically those that naturally produce essential fatty acids. These algae will serve as an alternative to fish oils for Omega-3 food supplements.

logoA syndicate of Agricultural focused researchers are on the hunt for more Omega-3 producing algae. The latest hot spot is the Basque country’s scenic coast, where the Neiker Tecnalia (aka the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development) is situated.

Their research team has identified (and separated out) a new group of microalgae strains which produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These algae from the Thraustochytridos family were found in samples collected from coastal salt marshes. Since DHA is the main type of Omega-3 acid derived from fish oil, an algal alternative to such a non-sustainable source is very desirable in the Biotech industry.

We have discussed how Microalgae is a sturdy and highly productive type of organism,

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