Bayer claims CRISPR Patents for Gene-Editing Agreements

18/05/2016 - 2 minutes

Bayer has signed a patent license agreement with ERS Genomics, that controls patents for the CRISPR-Cas9 system – a breakthrough gene-editing technology. 

bayer_lifescience_center_crispr_ers_genomicsBayer Lifescience Center (BLSC) is the innovation division of German Giant Bayer, which aims to address challenges in the pharmaceutical and agro-industry.

Its strategy is to establish collaborations with innovative Biotechs, and create a novel platform that allows technology combination and know-how amplification.


Fig. 1: Cas9 DNA-splicer programmed by RNA strands, in illustrations from Charpentier’s ground-breaking paper in CRISPR.

BLSC has now struck a deal with an important puzzle piece – CRISPR-Cas9, the revolutionary gene-editing tool. It has signed a deal with ERS Genomics, the Dublin-based company that manages the patent portfolio of Emmanuelle Charpentier – one of the discoverers of CRISPR.

The financial details of the deal were not disclosed, nor the specific applications CRISPR will be used in.

Bayer advanced that it will leverage the technology in its focus areas,

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