Bayer offers Big Buy out for the infamous Monsanto. Shareholders are not pleased…

23/05/2016 - 3 minutes

Yes, everyone is talking about how Germany’s Pharma giant Bayer has made a $62 billion offer for the infamous chemicals conglomerate Monsanto. And not many like it.

bayer_monsanto_biotech_gmoBayer’s products mostly consist of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, biotechnological products, and high value polymers. Monsanto on the other hand is notorious for its agricultural chemicals, GMOs and Seed business.

Many here in Berlin (where Bayer is particularly prominent) are finding this move unprecedented, and much to my surprise over this weekend I found myself engaged in conversation with others who also felt compelled to speak up.

Just this weekend almost 10,000 people were demonstrating against Monsanto, and similarly all over the world there have been such demonstrations (including as part of the Farmer’s march at International Green Week in Berlin).

#Monsanto, assassin!” Global marches against the seed giant took place in more than 400 cities worldwide #MAM2016

— th anonymous (@ori_no_co) May 22,

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