The ‘Lunch Box’ sized Laboratory for Biohackers, Educators and Artists

22/03/2016 - 7 minutes

Bento Bio is a London SynBio start-up founded around the Bento Lab; designed to include all the major components needed for a field laboratory, but with a sleek (and frankly, very good looking) interface. 

I met Philipp Boeing at a ‘Digital Biology’ (Do-it-yourself) meet-up in Berlin a couple months back, where the biohacking community would come together to share project ideas and brainstorm.

The Bento Lab is one such example of how Biohackers have broken into the Biotech business, through collaborative and open-source innovation. And today, Bento Bio launched their first Kickstarter Campaign, which raises funds through pre-ordering of Bento Lab devices, as well as through donations. 

So how did the concept for Bento Lab come about?

Well, the initial idea came to Philipp and Bento Bio’s co-founder Bethan Wolfenden in 2013. During their time at University College London, they both participated in a biohacking community at the London Hackspace in Hackney (nice pun…).

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