Big Pharma invest massively in Biomanufacturing facilities

29/04/2016 - 2 minutes

Sanofi is pumping €300M into its current manufacturing site in Belgium. This will support its antibody pipeline, with new laboratories of quality control and manufacturing sciences.

sanofi_genzyme_biologics_antibody_geel_manufacturingSanofi, France’s largest Pharma, seems to be betting more and more in biologics. Just a few years after buying Genzyme, it’s giving its subsidiary more prominence in their R&D.

Now, Sanofi is expanding Genzyme’s manufacturing facility in Geel, Belgium. The additional 8000 square metres of state-of-the-art manufacturing space and laboratories are expected to cost €300M.

This expansion aims to support the pipeline of antibodies, which represents a good chunk of Sanofi Genzyme – 10 of the 46 candidates currently in development.

Given the expansion, Sanofi also announced that it will be recruiting more people with Biotech expertise (so it will probably be more present on our job posts).

The government of Flanders, the part of Belgium where Geel is located, reacted favourably to the news.

Geert Bourgeois,

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