BIO2015: The Marathon Keeps On Going!

18/06/2015 - 3 minutes

Yesterday, we covered the launch of the biggest Biotech event worldwide, currently taking place in Philadelphia. And you guessed it, we’re not going to leave you in the dark of this incredible convention, so get comfy and catch up with a few of the highlights of the second day.

Wednesday started off with an interesting conversation on the patenting differences between the US and Europe. You’re probably quickly running the pros and cons of both regions through your mind and come up with the following conclusion: the US is a patent give-away zone, whereas patience appears to be a true virtue in Europe… Right? Think again! The morning discussion reviewed recent US court decisions, which didn’t exactly describe the US as a patenting paradise… Don’t be fooled, courts are finding it difficult to understand and apply the US Patent Code, Section 101. If you thought all was white and black between the US and Europe, turns out that patience is just as essential to the patent procedure on both sides of the Atlantic.

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