BioArt : Julian Voss-Andreae Materialises Molecules through Metal Sculpture

30/04/2016 - 4 minutes

Last week we also looked at molecular sculpture, but with the medium of Glass. Now we turn to metal work and the challenges of scaling up molecular design work with the German BioArtist Julian Voss-Andreae.

Julian was originally a quantum physicist from Germany who studied in Berlin, Edinburgh and then Vienna before returning to the artist path – in which he blended the two (very distinct) disciplines.

Having worked with buckminsterfullerenes (‘Bucky Balls‘), chemical spheres composed entirely of carbon, he began to explore sculpture after studying it in the US at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2004. He first experimented by introducing certain cuts into simple pieces of lumber, which could then allow his to reassemble the pieces to produce a different structural forms.

Applying this simple ‘false-jigsaw’ approach to biochemical molecules, he developed the process for proteins – which naturally became more complicated than he (as a physicist) had anticipated…

Julian therefore asked a Neuroscientist from the US (aka his future wife) what proteins in Biology he should explore from a structural point of view,

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