BioArt : Katharine Dowson’s Brain Boxes, Crystal Chromosomes & HIV Vaccine Work

23/04/2016 - 4 minutes

Represented by the GV Art Gallery in London, Katharine Dowson is a glass sculptor who is well established in the BioArt community as an Anatomical and medicine specialist.

Katharine studied at the Royal College of Art and Camberwell in London, with a focus spanning to include the anatomical form (particularly the Nervous system) to infectious diseases and developmental research into a vaccine for HIV.

According to the curator of the GV Art Gallery London, Robert Devcic, Katharine likes the use of glass as it serves as a kind of ‘Metaphor for cellular membranes, which you can see through‘.
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Beauty on the Brain

Katharine is fascinated by the Brain and its anatomical beauty, which is so functionally complex. In the early noughties, she researched ongoing work at Oxford and Newcastle Universities into Dyslexia.

This is in part through her experience of growing up with dyslexia, which inspired her pieces ‘My Soul’

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