BioArt : Nurit Bar-Shai’s ‘Chemical Tweets’ and the Social Life of Bacteria

04/06/2016 - 3 minutes

Nurit Bar-Shai is an artist and co-founder of bio-hacking lab Genspace. She is showing how bacteria communicate and socialize – and shaping it with sound.

An Israeli-American multimedia artist, Nurit Bar-Shai composes video, live telematic installations and conducts experiments – working at the interface between art, science, and technology.

She is also a co-founder and the Art and Culture Director at Genspace, the New York citizen’s lab that is said to have pioneered biohacking spaces in the first place.

Her flagship BioArt project is Objectivity [tentative], which has been featured in Biodesign – a book published by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on biology-inspired approaches to design and fabrication.

Her project was inspired by the research and the work of Professor Eshel Ben Jacob from Tel Aviv University (Israel), who studied the complex network and communication systems of bacteria, which seems to repeatedly be a popular topic for BioArtists.

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