Be part of the European BioEconomy! Here are 3 Dutch GreenTech Events this Year

26/07/2016 - 4 minutes

Here are 3 events to kickstart your greentech career. As Europe works towards a bioeconomy, challenges like these offer the opportunity to get involved and make Green ideas come to life.

ibbesss_greentech_biotech_events_europe_greenPut together by the students from Wageningen University, here are several bioeconomy and sustainability challenges for you to solve before the end of 2016. Maybe this could be a nice summer project?

In the past year we have seen cool developments in GreenTech such as 100% Biodegradable Potato Plastics by Bio-On, Microalgae-based bitumen and Bacteria Lighting up your Streets by Glowee.

Other circular economy challenges have also been presented at iGEM, or through biohacking spaces. One example is the Dutch Postcode Lottery, which the ‘Vegan-Milk’ synthetic biology startup Muufri was a winner last year.

Nominees were selected in June and August, and the finalists will be announced on September 14th. Last month, I also went to another such ‘Circular Economy’ focused biohackathon (the UK first) in Cambridge.

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