A Glimpse into the DIY Biotech Movement: Biohacking, Vegan Cheese, Algae Beer and Bacterial Art!

02/11/2015 - 6 minutes

Fab Labs have become hugely fashionable since 2010… But what about Bio Fab Labs? Have you ever thought about sharing your RNA or DNA amplification equipment? It can be a massive help for entrepreneurs or students, and Bio Fab Labs are starting to emerge in backyards across the world for Education, Innovation and even creative SynBio art. This new era of DIY biotech is AWESOME.

fablab-logoFab Labs started as digital virtual laboratories set up to ‘inspire’ people more than anything, by encouraging students and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into tangible prototypes. It allowed them to have access to a range of advanced digital fabrication curricula and manufacturing technologies, including 3D printers. This project was then organized for the mass scale by the Fab Lab Foundation in 2009, as a non-for-profit support system at MIT for the growing Fab Lab network.

The principle of this type of workshop was born at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms program, with an applied engineering course called “

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