We were at the Berlin Office Opening of the Leading German Bioinformatics Company

13/11/2015 - 3 minutes

Berlin is hotspot which is always attracting companies in the Biotech field (including us :p). Molecular Health is a 150-strong Bioinformatic company from Heidelberg (Germany) which has also decided to open an office in the capital, to profit from its proximity to the political system.

Picture1The opening took place in the new office, which was filled with (some very nice) iMacs and fancy dressed people. I must admit, I’ve rarely seen so many suits in Berlin… (it’s way more casual here, closer in spirit to San Francisco). Part of the audience included key opinion leaders from the Medical community (e.g. a Professor from Charité – the largest teaching hospital in Northern Europe) and some important politicians (including Senators).

The opening talk was a formal welcoming, in which Labiotech was also mentioned (and how proud I was :p)…

The CEO of Molecular Health, Lutz Voelker, then gave a talk. Molecular Health is a bioinformatics company willing to exploit all the data available in the literature (otherwise known as ‘

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