‘Cyborg’ Heart Patch to Revolutionize Treatment of Heart Attacks

16/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (Israel) have managed to engineer a Nanotech ‘heart patch’ which could enable remote monitoring and regulation of a patient’s heart – bionic!

bionic_heart_patch_university_tel_aviv_tau_nanoelectronics_tissue_engineering_myocardial_infarction_heart_attack_nature_materialsMedTech continues to blur the boundary between man and machine. A new project combines organic, living tissue and a complex nanoelectronic system to create a bionic heart patch that could help patients recuperate from heart attacks.

This new technology builds on previous research in tissue engineering for cardiac tissue, which aims to provide an alternative to people who have suffered a heart attack and developed heart failure. Currently, the treatment options are either a heart transplant (not a option for all patients, due to organ shortage) or left ventricular assist devices (VADs) – also not widely available.

Cardiac tissue engineering aims to solve this problem. It combines biomaterials, cells and growth factors, that could replace the heart muscle that was scarred after the infarction –

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