This new Bioplastic plant integrates breakthrough Biotech innovations

17/09/2015 - 2 minutes

Bioplastics hasn’t replaced plastics yet. One new milestone has now been reached, the French company Carbios has just opened its pilot plant to produce biodegradable plastics thanks to its breakthrough enzyme-based technology.

sdfddWhilst various green initiatives push for better regulation of recycling (a prime example being in Berlin!), in reality only around 10% of plastic collected is actually recycled. Even worse, actual recycling processes are based on melting, which ultimately reduce the quality of the plastic. As a result, most of petrochemical based PETs remains not recycled today.

Carbios looks to combat this by using their exclusive enzyme-based degradation process. It breaks down the polymers into monomers, that can be reused to produce new plastic film without any quality loss.

The process worked at a lab scale and Carbios is now bringing it at a pilot scale. The new plant will be able to produce up to 40kg/hour of plastic film. This plant integrate two pre-scale pilots (for the production of enzymes) and has been achieved ahead of time,

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