Rethinking Bioplastics: Future Directions in the Industry

05/12/2016 - 6 minutes

Where are bioplastics going? Last week, 300 experts came together in Berlin to “rethink Bioplastics” and their role in the much-hailed circular economy.

The diversity of speakers and exhibitors at the 11th edition of the European Bioplastics Conference offers, in itself, an overview of the different fields and players that make up the bioplastics industry. Participants ranged from the producers of the biobased chemical “building blocks” and biopolymers like Biotec, which uses potato peels to make biodegradable plastics, to famous brands like Renault.

Outside this normal “supply chain”, representatives for politics, certification, academia, waste management and even the traditional chemical industry found their way to the conference.

How are Bioplastics doing now?

The conference organizer, European Bioplastics, took the opportunity to disclose the latest market data. The core message was clear: despite the low prices of oil, the production capacity for bioplastics is growing. Maybe this isn’t so surprising. As it was mentioned during last Labiotech Refresh‘s Global Bioenergies fireside chat,

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