Biotech Environment in 2016: Reverse Engineering the Ecosystem #BES2016

04/04/2016 - 5 minutes

BIO-Europe Spring 2016 is starting off right away with the plenary opening session. The conference was about partnering, trends and opinion from both Biotechs and Pharma…

This was the list of pretty impressive speakers:


How are Big Pharma positioning themselves in 2016?

J&J clearly wants to open up more to the outside of the organisation, having founded several structures across the World, including J&J Innovation, JLabs and JLinks. The organisation is supposedly ‘really simple‘, according to Richard Mason, but to me their infrastructure seems pretty difficult to grasp to me.

On the other hand, AstraZeneca has a strategy of being as close as possible to the top scientific hubs. That’s why it relocated its headquarters to Cambridge (UK) and why it has office in Gothenburg (next to Chalmers University) and in Gaithersburg in the US, next to the NIH.

On the other hand, Eli Lilly can seem bit more closed from the outside, although Jan Lundberg argued it’s not.

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