The Largest Deals, Fundraising and Exits of 2016 in European Biotech

26/12/2016 - 5 minutes

Curious about which technologies have attracted the most cash in biotech finance this year? Here’s a list of the most impressive cash movements of 2016 in Europe.

Believe it or not, 2016 has been the worst year for biotech finance in a decade. The political scene has become unfavorable for British biotech after Brexit, and the uncertainty raised by the US elections is now looming over the field.

Despite fewer acquisitions and IPOs, some companies have managed to come out with very successful deals and funding rounds. From the US, Moderna has beaten its own record raising $474M and increasing its total funds to a massive €1.78B ($1.9B). In Europe, several companies have also managed to defy the challenging financial scene; here’s a list of some of the most impressive.

Biggest Deals Biotech finance

The biggest deal in European biotech ever took place in September between BioNTech in Germany and Genentech in the US. There’s not an official sum of the total it could reach,

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